The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive

How to Submit Pr0n

Kato love to get exciting new images in the mail, but please follow these instructions before you send:

1. No adult games (Custer's Revenge, Beat 'em and Eat 'em, Knights of Xentar, etc.) If it's meant to be porn, then I don't want it!

2. It must be the original game: NO MODS OR HACKS, please. It like silicon implant for game - I like natural!

3. Do not doctor the images, unless you want to make a sweet animated gif of the excitement! But no cut and paste, please. It like seeing Britney Spears fake nudes... NOT THE SAME.

4. Try to make pixel perfect, if possible. Use gif or png if from old game.


6. Always provide game's name, and if you can, also the year, developer, and system.

Thank you, now send mail here: naughtykato(at)

I also enjoy very much to hear from you even if you don't have porn for me! Please tell me about your best video game experiences, what your favorite color is, or even why you think the sky is blue. We are like friends from the future, already!

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